8 février 2009

Sunday morning happiness

Although I'm super tired from the lack of sleep and from being sick as well, I enjoyed making croissants for breakfast.

While the little guys were getting bigger thanks to the yeast, I started a new embroidery project for the soon-to-open shop. Hopefully you'll like it as much as I do.

From the bottom of my (warm and cosy) bed, I wish you a happy Sunday. xo

6 février 2009

Oh so quiet

Since Anna-Sarah is damn too blog-shy to write around here (one day my friends, she'll get down to it; *fingers crossed*), I just have to show you what she's been up to lately.

Two beautiful pouches; made in NASA-inspired fabric and lovingly hand-stitched. I so love them both I wish they were for me.

Pretty pretty, right?

1 février 2009

Make this go on forever

Today was such a busy day that I don't know where to start. Not sure whether I should share it all in one go, or wait and give you some pretty things to look at for the couple upcoming days.

I guess the teaser in me can't bear revealing everything right now, so I'll go for the little illustration we drew - and printed - today. Feathers. They fall around us and show us the way to go (any hints?).

Because, well, at the moment we're insanely in love with feathers. So light and graceful.

The A4 print has beautiful colours that remind us of our favourite kinds of feathers. It might end up being part of the secret package we're sending to our most-loved bloggers. But shhhh.

Oh and how exciting it is to welcome a new month. Happy February!

7 janvier 2009

Wii heart

Anna-Sarah is in Nice for the week so not much - group work, that is - is happening. I think she might be working on some nice stuff for the shop while I cured my flu with some Japanese-fooding and sake-drinking.

Anyway, as I'm now off to bed - back to work tomorrow, which means the compulsory 3am wake up - I thought I'd share what I wish I were doing right now. Mario Kart. Yeah.

This is Anna-Sarah.

And this is me - Fanny.

Have a lovely night (or day) and see you soon. xx

5 janvier 2009

Moustaches on strings

are the finest of things*.

Today was my day off so I thought I'd take advantage of it and get the secret packages we're planning on mailing to our very favourite bloggers ready.

Sadly, as I woke up, I instantly knew this was not going to happen. Sore neck. And damn flu.
In the end, I stayed in bed all day - with the occasionnal doctor visit - dreaming about the felt moustaches we made this past week end.

PS. thank you for the kind comments/words. They made us terribly happy!

*thanks Marc for the inspirational quote!

4 janvier 2009


As we were making felt moustaches late at night, Anna-Sarah noticed how the two pins she had just placed on the sofa looked like a little snail.

Pretty pretty.

Bonjour la moustache

After many weeks of late night working, tea drinking, wii playing, cake making, chardonnay sipping, and more; Anna-Sarah and I - Fanny - are very happy to show you our most recent project.

La moustache.
A small design workshop (or perhaps more accurate - although French - atelier).

Make yourself cosy and be our guest.