7 janvier 2009

Wii heart

Anna-Sarah is in Nice for the week so not much - group work, that is - is happening. I think she might be working on some nice stuff for the shop while I cured my flu with some Japanese-fooding and sake-drinking.

Anyway, as I'm now off to bed - back to work tomorrow, which means the compulsory 3am wake up - I thought I'd share what I wish I were doing right now. Mario Kart. Yeah.

This is Anna-Sarah.

And this is me - Fanny.

Have a lovely night (or day) and see you soon. xx

5 janvier 2009

Moustaches on strings

are the finest of things*.

Today was my day off so I thought I'd take advantage of it and get the secret packages we're planning on mailing to our very favourite bloggers ready.

Sadly, as I woke up, I instantly knew this was not going to happen. Sore neck. And damn flu.
In the end, I stayed in bed all day - with the occasionnal doctor visit - dreaming about the felt moustaches we made this past week end.

PS. thank you for the kind comments/words. They made us terribly happy!

*thanks Marc for the inspirational quote!

4 janvier 2009


As we were making felt moustaches late at night, Anna-Sarah noticed how the two pins she had just placed on the sofa looked like a little snail.

Pretty pretty.

Bonjour la moustache

After many weeks of late night working, tea drinking, wii playing, cake making, chardonnay sipping, and more; Anna-Sarah and I - Fanny - are very happy to show you our most recent project.

La moustache.
A small design workshop (or perhaps more accurate - although French - atelier).

Make yourself cosy and be our guest.