5 janvier 2009

Moustaches on strings

are the finest of things*.

Today was my day off so I thought I'd take advantage of it and get the secret packages we're planning on mailing to our very favourite bloggers ready.

Sadly, as I woke up, I instantly knew this was not going to happen. Sore neck. And damn flu.
In the end, I stayed in bed all day - with the occasionnal doctor visit - dreaming about the felt moustaches we made this past week end.

PS. thank you for the kind comments/words. They made us terribly happy!

*thanks Marc for the inspirational quote!

6 commentaires:

  1. I heart la moustache too !
    see for yourslef, I'm a big enjoyer of the moustache myself :


    the picture of the moustaches on strings is killing me ! they look so good.

  2. Haha that picture of you is adorable. Glad you like the moustaches. xo

  3. Hope you're getting better!
    I followed you since food beam (discovered you thanks to some nice matcha sablés), and it's so nice to fall here! Well where do you find all the time? It's amazing!
    Congrat's for this nice atelier!

  4. this is so very cute!
    I hope you get better soon. had the flu as well, and it killed me. a few days 'off' in italy to work on a secret project, and it was back again. O.o
    am excited to see more moustache-love!

  5. These are soo cute!!! I discovered you thru foodbeam also!