7 janvier 2009

Wii heart

Anna-Sarah is in Nice for the week so not much - group work, that is - is happening. I think she might be working on some nice stuff for the shop while I cured my flu with some Japanese-fooding and sake-drinking.

Anyway, as I'm now off to bed - back to work tomorrow, which means the compulsory 3am wake up - I thought I'd share what I wish I were doing right now. Mario Kart. Yeah.

This is Anna-Sarah.

And this is me - Fanny.

Have a lovely night (or day) and see you soon. xx

4 commentaires:

  1. moi aussi j'aimerais trop... tu tu tulutu tu tulu tu (musique du bonus étoile)

  2. fanny, would you marry me ?

  3. even if you are sick ?

  4. good luck with la moustache! i love seeing handmade goods - its so refreshing when there are so many mass produced things out there. the human touch can't ever be replaced!