1 février 2009

Make this go on forever

Today was such a busy day that I don't know where to start. Not sure whether I should share it all in one go, or wait and give you some pretty things to look at for the couple upcoming days.

I guess the teaser in me can't bear revealing everything right now, so I'll go for the little illustration we drew - and printed - today. Feathers. They fall around us and show us the way to go (any hints?).

Because, well, at the moment we're insanely in love with feathers. So light and graceful.

The A4 print has beautiful colours that remind us of our favourite kinds of feathers. It might end up being part of the secret package we're sending to our most-loved bloggers. But shhhh.

Oh and how exciting it is to welcome a new month. Happy February!

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh it's super beautiful, the illustration and the feathers. Those feathers would make an amazing native American inspired head dress if you had loads of them. Happy February to you too, Fanny! Can't believe one month has already gone by. It's crazy!